Japanese interpreting/translating + writing/editing services







Brown University, B.A                                                                                                      Providence, RI

Graduated with honors in East Asian Studies (3.75 GPA)                              September 1996 - May 2000




Freelance interpreter (consecutive/simultaneous/conference)                                    April 2007-present

l    Interpret for a wide variety of private sector companies, as well as the State Department & UN

l     Interpret in court, at depositions/attorney-client consultations and for the U.S. Attorney's Office

l     Interpret for arts organizations like Lincoln Center, MoMA, MoMI & Japan Society/Foundation


Japan P.E.N Club                                                                                                                 Tokyo, Japan

Interpreter/Translator                                                                                         May 2007-February 2008

Served as main English interpreter at the February 22-25, 2008 Natural Disaster and Culture Forum sponsored by the International P.E.N. Club, and translated works on this topic for recitation at event.

l   Interpreted for foreign presenters at forum’s various parties, panel discussions and other events

l   Translated works by Japanese and foreign authors into English for presentation at the forum

l    Managed foreign presenters’ schedules and was in charge of guest care throughout the forum  


Nikkei Business Publications (Nikkei BP)                                                                          New York, NY

Staff Writer, New York Bureau                                                                                   May 2005-April 2007

Served as journalist for the weekly Japanese magazine Nikkei Business with a readership of 350,000 and its online version (Column: “USA Hot & Cool”), as well as contributed to affiliated publications

l       Developed, researched and carried out story ideas in Japanese for various Nikkei publications

l       Interpreted during interviews and translated materials to support Bureau Chief/correspondents

l       Translated material for BP annual international auto conference and interpreted at actual event


Toyota Motor Corporation                                                                                                  Toyota, Japan

Interpreter/Translator, Power Train Planning Section                              September 2003-January 2004

Worked at Japan’s leading automaker in the above section focusing on the development of future hybrid automobiles, and primary purpose was aiding communication with foreign automakers

l       Interpreted at regular meetings with foreign automakers and served as liaison between parties

l        Translated both technical documents and public relations materials relating to the hybrid

l        Provided native English checks of various documents and of co-workers’ oral presentations 

Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)                                                   Kumamoto, Japan Coordinator for International Relations (CIR), Kumamoto City Hall                    July 2000 – July 2003 Selected to participate in JET, one of Japan's largest cultural exchange programs run by various Ministries and local governments.  Worked in the International Exchange Section (IES) of City Hall.

l           Interpreted for the Mayor of Kumamoto City during courtesy visits by foreign dignitaries  

l           Translated and proofread official documents for both IES and other sections of City Hall

l          Researched and wrote Japanese culture-related articles for monthly prefectural newsletter  




l   Japanese qualifications: Proficiency Test Level 1 and JETRO Business Test Level 2 (both 2002)

l    Volunteer interpreter on Peace Boat (Summer 2007) and at 2002 Ishigaki World Cup Triathlon

l    Completed more than 30 sub-4 hour marathons in 20 U.S. states as well as Tokyo and Berlin